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Dental Sedation in Southwood, Calgary, Alberta

Our dentists at Spackman Dental in Calgary provide dental sedation to help patients feel more comfortable during long procedures and to calm anxieties.

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Dental Sedation, Calgary Dentist

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is a term to describe a variety of techniques used to make patients more comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists can help you decide if dental sedation is right for you.

We do everything we can at Spackman Dental to make patients feel relaxed and at ease during their dental appointments. In addition to sedation, we will work at your pace, take breaks as required, and try to provide calm reassurance as needed.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is breathed in through the nose and mouth. Patients are calmed by the medication though they are awake and able to communicate. It should also reduce anxiety, raise the pain threshold, reduce gag reflex, and make time fly by.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedatives are pills or liquids that your dentist prescribes. The medication is usually administered orally before a dental appointment. It keeps you awake during the procedure but should have a calming effect that significantly relaxes you.

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